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Raessler Law, P.A. is a small business and elder law firm. The type of client we can assist are those involved in business formation and governance, transactional matters such as contract drafting and review, and related financial concerns. Our second area of focus is on guardianship/ elder law scenarios involving seniors, adult children, and their relatives and advisors.


We Are Here For The Long Run

Our goal is to provide legal advice in the context of “a client's story”. Our best clients are those who will share their story where in turn we listen, design a plan – be it simple or complex – in resolving the questions asked, and as a “speed bump” is encountered, we will have the background and expertise to successfully pivot and assist in making helpful course corrections.

Coffee & The Law

What we Specialize In

Elder law is an area that is very personal. It is about families and their stories – an elderly relative requiring assistance and protection, a situation where the best interests of a child are the subject matter. As we assist with the drafting of documents and advising in elder law matters, we understand the importance of working with families to find realistic solutions.

From the conceptual phase on day 1 of “opening the doors” through year 5 of profitability, running a business is a series of decisions – operational, legal and mission driven. Whether it involves “legal” concerns or simply some assistance with understanding the resources available, our small business blog is designed to focus on key areas that we, as practitioners, find helpful in supporting change and growth.

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