Coffee & the Law

Coffee & the Law is an educational resource for clients and our community. The vision for Coffee & the Law began at a local coffeehouse in Skowhegan, Maine, was building a small and committed group and suddenly COVID-19 come across the horizon and had to be considered. We pivoted!
  • First was a move to a Zoom platform, a format we anticipate continuing in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we are ramping up our blog to continue addressing such topics as:
    • Basic Estate planning – do I need a will; who should my authorized agent be; what is a healthcare power of attorney v. an advance directive; can I plan around an extended probate court process?
    • Expand our ways to communicate. Partnering with another Maine Elder Law firm, this month we will follow a new path - YouTube and 5 to 10 minute “stories” about our cast of characters such as “Aunt Tilda”, our healthy 79 year old who finds herself exposed to COVID, does not like lawyers and done little or no planning for this next phase of her life.
  • Other upcoming stories will address:
    • Planning for Maine Care Eligibility
    • Special Needs Trusts – When and how to consider this as a planning option.
    • Guardianships: New probate laws such as the need for a “supported decision making plan” versus a full guardianship.